About the Author

Discover Just who Francisco Lahoz truly is.

My strongest memory growing up was playing Megaman X on my Super Nintendo after class in Elementary School. I spent so many hours on that initial intro level on the streets of the futuristic world that Capcom promised that I could probably play the entire level blindfolded. That video game was very formative in making me the man I am today… And my father hated it.

“Oye!! Deja esa Tonteria!!!”

Tonteria is a Spanish word that directly translates to foolishness. Being nerdy was foolish, and being a nerd was a fool. So I was a fool. Now that same “Tonteria” I was chastised for has become a massive part of my identity. I named my blog La Tonteria as a term of pride. I’m a movie nerd, video game nerd, anime nerd, comic book nerd, and etcetera.

Welcome to La Tonteria.

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