Devolver Digital Responds to E3 Cancelation in the Most DD Way Possible.

Devolver Digital might have found the greatest answer to the cancellation of annual trade shows with the release of Devolverland Expo.

Devolver Digital might have found the greatest answer to the cancellation of annual trade shows with the release of Devolverland Expo.

With the Coronavirus showing little sign of slowing down many public events have been postponed or canceled. Among those cancellations are video game trade shows like E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3 is usually the main event for games publishers to announce what they have in store, the loss of the show forced many games publishers to improvise new ways of informing the world of what they had to offer.

Most publishers were content with a simple stream of trailers with little fanfare surrounding them. But Devolver Digital (famously known for their very bizarre presentations) asked themselves what they could do to set themselves apart now that E3 was canceled.

So they just made an E3 simulator. Kind of. The place might be haunted, also you have a t-shirt cannon.

Devolverland Expo is a First-person shooter that takes place within an abandoned convention center, specifically at the booth for Devolver Digital who’s proudly set up stalls for all their upcoming video games.

Now what Devolver Digital is doing isn’t anything new. Video games have been used as marketing tools for a while now. Take for example KFC’s wonderfully insane dating simulator, I Love You, Colonel Sanders! In which you’re tasked with wooing your chef professor at cooking school.

What sets Devolverland Expo apart is the climate of its release and its tone. You play as a nameless attendee armed with a t-shirt cannon against automated hovering security drones as you traverse an empty show floor viewing game trailers to progress onto more of the event space.

devolverland main stage
From Devolverland Expo, Devolver Digital, 2020

You’ve been told this event is canceled. You’ve been told to leave countless times by an omniscient voice. The odds are against you but you refuse to leave empty-handed. You will persevere and fight on, no matter what.

Devolverland Expo is free to play on steam, takes no longer than an hour to play if you’re just running through it.

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