Same-sex Cartoon Characters Engaged, The Internet Rejoices.

On June 4th, 2018 Cartoon Network released an episode of Steven Universe in which popular characters Ruby and Saphire, both female, decided to get married.

Steven Universe follows the daily life of titular hero Steven Universe and his guardians the crystal gems, a rebel group of alien life forms named after gems and minerals on earth. The show has received an insurmountable amount of praise from critics and fans alike for its depiction of LGBT romance. A lot of this praise is attributed to the characters Ruby and Saphire, who both identify as female and have been in a close relationship for millennia.

Both Ruby and Saphire have been a beacon of hope for many people who grew up having to hide who they really were throughout their childhood. With Cartoon Network’s decision to air the episode, and on independence day no less, it’s clear that today’s kids may not have to go through the same struggle.



Steven Universe will be broadcasting the rest of this season’s episodes throughout this week as part of their Heart of The Crystal Gems event. After the 6th of June, the show will be going on hiatus as it leads towards its final episodes.

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