My Plea For a Fantastic Show.

Imagine going through a door and discovering you’re on a train.

The train seems to go on forever with no end in sight. Going through the cars grants you nothing but more questions. You can find yourself in a locked caboose with an elaborate weight puzzle, a fine dining car full of the world’s cuisine, or you stumble into a fart car….. A train car full of farts. The thing that’s most puzzling is that you’re all alone, no one else appears to be a “passenger” of the train and outside the windows rolls an ever-increasing desert.

Your only friends on the train are a spherical robot with no answers and a strange glowing number on your hand, that you can’t make go away.

Infinity Train was released on the Cartoon Network youtube channel on November 2nd of 2016. The 8-minute 37-second video has over 3 and a half million views and was produced as a pilot by the former Regular Show writer and storyboard artist Owen Dennis for Cartoon Network.

As of writing this article, Infinity Train has yet to be released greenlit for a season.

Owen Dennis wrote on his personal Tumblr account, “It could be greenlit or passed on today, tomorrow, next week, or several months from now and I would still have no idea whether it’s about to happen or not. I’m in the dark as much as everyone else is.”

Though a large fan base is loyally following Owen Dennis and his dream of getting the show Greenlit,

“One thing I do know, however, is that the executives are aware of Infinity Train’s popularity online. If you watch Infinity Train, watch it from official sources like CN’s youtube channel or their facebook page. Those are the only sources they have where they can see the statistics of how many people are watching it, liking it, and sharing it.”(also from Owen’s Tumblr page)


Infinity Train is a show surrounded in mystery and awe and a slight amount of terror. With Steven Universe closing in on its final episodes, maybe it’s time to give this show its shot in the spotlight.

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